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Professional services at William Lean, Plymouth

Being commercial property agents, we provide a wide range of professional services and advice, so that you can be sure that we work with you to meet all of your requirements.

For professional services from accredited commercial property agents in Plymouth, call:

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Agency & Development


Residential Development Land:

Marketing for sale or letting vacant industrial, office and retail premises or land and property suitable for commercial development.

Advising on the purchase of similar properties for freehold or leasehold occupation.

Marketing for sale or advising on the acquisition of commercial investment properties.

Providing advice to landowners on bringing forward land for residential development through the planning process, and negotiating terms with house builders and developers for options or conditional sales.

Providing market review analysis of house prices and sales to support land values/prices agreed.

Assisting in negotiation of section 106 requirements and obligations relating to development schemes.

Undertaking Viability Assessments in support of planning applications.

Lease Consultancy & Property Management

Landlord & Tenant:

Property Management:

Advising either the landlord or the tenant in respect of rent review, lease renewal and dilapidation responsibilities in accordance with the obligations found in the property lease.

Acting for investor clients in respect of single let or multi let properties in all usual management matters including; the prompt and efficient collection of rents and service charges, working closely with tenants to keep occupation costs to practical levels, maximise occupancy of the property, enhance the capital value and unlock any latent value.

Asset Recovery


Property Receivership:

Providing valuation advice and realisation strategies in respect of property assets to banks and recovery specialists/insolvency practitioners, and carrying out marketing of the assets for disposal.

Through associates, provide similar advice in respect of Plant & Machinery assets.

William Lean is an RICS Registered Property Receiver and fellow of NARA (The Association of Property & Fixed Charge Receivers) and able and experienced in accepting appointments from lending institutions over property assets under the provisions of the Law of Property Act.

Public Sector

Advising local authorities and government agencies in respect of strategic property and portfolio reviews. Identifying surplus properties and marketing for disposal.

Assessing development proposals (both public and private sector schemes) and advising on values to determine whether any level of public finance support is needed or justified in each case.


Providing valuation advice to individuals and companies in respect of properties for a wide range of purposes including:

•   Company accounts

•   Compulsory purchase

•   Leasehold enfranchisement

•   Loan security

•   Matrimonial

•   Personal pension funds

•   Probate